7 Momentum Blockers to Eliminate

7 Momentum Blockers to Eliminate

How do I know if I am stuck and lack momentum?  Are you going in circles, feeling complacent, going through the motions, lack motivation, see little to no growth in your life?  If you find yourself in any of these, you have reached a place of stagnation and are stuck.  

I hear you asking “why am I stuck” and “how did I get here”?  I propose there is some thing or things blocking your progress and ability to create the momentum needed to move your life forward. 

Let me introduce you to 7 momentum blockers you need to eliminate from your life. 

  1.  Rehearsing past mistakes.  An integral part of our  humanity is making mistakes AND learning from them.  Our inability to embrace the learning component attached to our mistakes can lead to negative patterns of rehearsing them.  This rehearsal can place us on a hamster wheel that robs of us the ability to move forward.
  2. Lack of focus.  Going in too many directions at one time can easily lead you to nowhere.  A clearly defined focus, which can be tweaked and adjusted, is a key element of shaking stagnation and gaining momentum.
  3. Negative people.  Miserable people tend to want you to be miserable too.  Whether intentionally or subconsciously, their negativity can become a weight that anchors you in a state of being stuck.  SHAKE THEM LOOSE!
  4. Comparison.  You are UNIQUE!  You are ONE of a kind!  Your journey is yours and yours alone.  Comparing your progress and journey to someone else’s cannot only cause stagnation,  but also lead you to number 5.  
  5. Shame.  Dictionary.com defines shame as “a painful of humiliation or distress caused by consciousness of wrong behavior.”  Rehearsal of past mistakes and deeming yourself or behavior as less than or wrong in comparrison to others can create negative cycles and patterns that cause us to become stuck.  It’s time to SHED THE SSSHAME!
  6. Poor Pacing.  Finding your rhythm is key.  Moving too slow OR too fast can hinder you from building the momentum YOU need to accomplish your goals. 
  7. Fear.  Fear can be immobilizing so you must learn to DO IT AFRAID! Eventually you will see your fears conquered and use your successes as a weapon against your fears. 

Heavy stuff, I know.  Here’s the good news,  you don’t have to remain stuck! Together we can tackle these blockers and move toward building momentum and reaching your goals. 


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