Why Coaching?

A coach can be monumental in assisting you with building momentum in all areas of your life. As coach I partner with you to identify and overcome obstacles in both your personal and professional arenas. Together we will examine what is producing stagnation in your life and develop specific strategies to move you forward.

Coaching Services

Exploration Session

Join me for a 15 minute session to explore what has you stuck and where you desire to go.

Momentum Session

Join me for a 50-minute session where we take a deep dive into the embedded beliefs and problematic patterns that have created a culture of stagnation, with a goal of creating strategies that build momentum and propel you towards your goals.

Identify Session

Are you struggling to identify your purpose and identity? Questioning your career choice and how your gifts and talents fit into the world at large? Are you struggling to identify the correct college major or understand the opportunities available for your current major as you shift from the world of academia to the workforce? Have you become stagnant in your current career and desire a shift? If you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions, join me for 50-minute session where we utilize various tools to explore and clearly define goals and strategies to move you in the right direction.

Taking a leap of faith and deciding to bet on myself was no simple task. I am so thankful to Kenya for coaching me through starting a new business endeavor. I was very satisfied with how easy she was to partner with. Her calm and structured presence offered me the platform that I needed to process through and eventually establish my business. In the beginning, I started my coaching sessions slightly anxious and overwhelmed with ideas, BUT our time together always ended with me feeling focused, empowered, and motivated to execute. God knew I needed some help, so he sent me Kenya Campbell. Thank you for executing. +

- Rachel Rhodes